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Simple not Easy?



Simple not Easy?

Though in principle it’s not difficult, that doesn’t mean it’s easy either.

I have been told it is marathon not a Sprint and I think that’s true, and I am up for the challenge. If you want to be successful online, you should be up for the challenge to!

Never give up! Is the moto I have adopted, one that Anthony Morrison insists on as well.

Mindset is very important and gives us the inspiration to really help people.

Not Easy

Even though there are only a few things needed, it can get complicated. There are so many things to consider, and so many parts beside the basic setup.

When I first saw maps like this and heard the terms like SEO, CPC, PPC, SMS, etc. I had no idea what they meant or why they were there. I just wanted to share an offer and thought that all I would need is a landing page to send my email and social leads to, and an autoresponder to handle the mail. Turns out there is a bit more to it if you want to reach the right people and get the Magic flowing.

Where do I start?

I think we can all agree that any project starts with research, you could say start with Google… Google it.

Before that can happen, you must ask yourself what it is you want to know and why.  What do you want to be known for? What perspective can you offer your competitors can’t?

The formula of finding what people need and want and giving it to them is a good one and makes good sense, but that does not mean it is easy to do. Simple not easy.

Keyword research

I keep hearing that. It has taken years for me to appreciate what they are talking about. Don’t worry if you don’t get it either, it will come in handy as you whittle down a niche you want to market in. Google Trends is a good place to get some ideas about what is hot right now, and how any trend is doing. If you didn’t know already always check with

Clickbank, JVZoo, and Warrior+ for trending products as well as Amazon, Quora and other public platforms you know are popular. You can get keywords from them.

Back to Simple

We know no matter what your niche, people who market online are going to want a domain name, an autoresponder, and hosting. Even if all you have is a landing page you want to be available online. Some Autoresponders will solve this for you, but as you may already know, a website may be the best way to show all your stuff. That means hosting.

My Research

I just did a check myself; I was afraid I was going to lose my Bluehost account and so. I looked at alternatives. I narrowed it down to Builderall or Hostgator, having decided the one-time fee for Prosuite was too risky even though it sounds good, those programs rarely hold up over time. I bought Qishio last year and now it won’t work. Bluehost wanted $350.00 up front for a year! I freaked out reading that! Which, I cannot afford, but I called them and was able to work out a deal for $20 a month which I can afford.


There is Click funnels if you can afford that. I had it for quite a while and can no longer afford it. Actually, I could never afford it, I was just hoping it would generate some income so I could stay on. Sadly, it did not happen, and all the work I put in to the 50 funnels or more I have built, is sitting there asleep. I have found some programs that do similar things cheaper, and I will share those with you.  

Having taken the OFA Challenge 3 times, I now have a mastery of funnel building. I still highly recommend the course as the best funnel teacher out there. For $100 you can’t go wrong.

Click here!


Groove has a free option where you can get 3 sites or pages, and their education is 2nd to none as well. I need to get back there myself and check my sites.

Stay Simple

So, to keep it simple I’m staying for now with Bluehost my research told me it’s the place to be.

I have found something wonderful to fill the gap of not having Clickfunnels, it is called

ClickDesigns and with it you can build all the designs for funnels you want for a one-time price not a monthly fee! I am really enjoying it so far. Click the link and look for yourself.

Here is  a sample….

Profit Funnels Pro

To my surprise this program has a great funnel builder! Here is one I made…Click Here!

Can it replace Clickfunnels?  You can check out online… Brendan Mace is the vendor I got it at Warrior+

I am trying to get a link to share.

Thanks for your patience as the new theme comes alive on my website. It has taken much longer than expected it is way more complex than I thought. They don’t seem to understand simple, yet they have made it as simple as possible. Everything has a learning curve. Everything should be working now. Look and tell me what you think. I am still looking for help with my book launch.

To Our Success,



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