April 25

Partner with Anthony Review


PWA Partner With Anthony Program

Look at your Business from a new perspective

I have just finished the PWA Program and I now am set up to begin an email campaign. It is wonderful what you learn in this program. I highly recommend it!

How you can also be a billionaire?

Most online courses leave you to do it all “by yourself”, but what if you could actually partner with me, make money when I make money and let me do most everything for you…

I want to Partner with Anthony..

How you can also be a billionaire?

I began the Partner with Anthony course Dec 31 looking to start the New Year off right. Things went well at first. Then I started having problems with the links. I could not sign up with purchaseyour.com and even had problems with godady but finally got in. Not really needing a domain I already had one. It is necessary to have one so you can email people. You can’t use your personal email.

Started sharing with management about my problems with the Partner with Anthony program and how I was thinking about quitting. Somehow they misunderstood and I was cancelled! It took a week of back and forth before I was able to sign up again and continue the course. I really do want to learn this.

You can see I have 3 courses going and membership in two exclusive clubs.

I signed up for the InnerCircle to get 500 leads not knowing you had to take a class and load 90 emails in a NEW autoresponder before I could get my leads! Somehow I managed to to do it, this took me a week to accomplish! Then half of the leads were not good. So I had to email management again. They did replace them and half of those were bad too. Finally after almost 3 weeks of trying I got my leads.

Emails Disappeared!

When I went back in to set up my emails they were gone! I could not believe it. Contacted GVO and they said they couldn’t help me that I should just do them again. I was furious! It took me a week to put them in. Finally they helped me by contacting Anthony and getting another set of 90 emails. Now all I have to do is change the links to my own.

I was a bit surprised when I completed the 30 modules that there was no indication I was done. There is no congratulations you have completed the program video or anything? Don’t be dismayed you have everything you need, so get going!

It is amazing the problems I have encounter in this process. #nevergiveup is a good point to keep in mind. The course is a good one and you learn what you need to get set up and running an online business. For only $7 a month you won’t find a better deal. I highly recommend that you take the course.


Ultimate Guide to Best Business Practices

What Do You Want To Do?

I would really like to know what you need to get started marketing and if you don’t know I can help you figure it out. Are you interested in going off-grid? Check out https://customcreatonsalive.org. Any answer will be appreciated. I can be reached on my website or on messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

Talk more soon,


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