December 2

What Niche Are You In?


I have been lost in thought lately and wondering if I picked the wrong Niche to be in?There are a couple different schools of thought on how you should pick a niche. One says you should go with what you love to do.

But the other says that could be a mistake! Because what you love to do may not be selling, and that you should find something that’s selling first. Seems like there’s gotta be a middle road here if you don’t like what you’re doing you’re not gonna stay with it. And it’s important that you stay with it.

I find myself at a crossroads the niche I picked is saturated terribly with thousands and thousands of people, it is affiliate marketing. It’s like starting over I need to pick a new niche. I went back to Google to start with and I’m already learning things I didn’t know about niche’s.

There is plenty of advice available for free on YouTube on how to pick a niche. I’ve spent three days looking it’s amazing where any search will take you. I’d love to show you my computer screen so you can see how many tabs I have open in my search.

It takes time to do proper research and find out where the market is. I have found 4 really good products in different niche’s, I will add them to my website and begin promoting.

You can go to warrior forum And Click Bank and see what is selling now. Many people have banners an emails swipes you can use to promote their product. It makes sense to promote something that is already selling good. Do your research!

I may begin a new niche called people who are single, over 60 and want market for living the sweet life. Join the group and enjoy all the benefits and bonuses we offer. I have written a book…” the Magic of Affiliate Marketing, Toolkit for Success”.  Check it out on our website. I share everything you need to start your very own affiliate marketing business.

I would love to hear how your niche research is going. What have you found out?



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