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How Can I Be a Millionare?



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Micheal Contini

September 16, 2019

How can I be a millionaire? I don’t have any money for investment nor partners to work with. Can an individual be a self-made millionaire?

On a sunny afternoon in late spring, about 20 years ago….

Two young men graduated college.

Both were above-average students and had excellent grades.

Both were very social, well-known on campus, and popular.

Both were also very ambitious, with dreams of becoming self-made millionaires.

Very recently, these two men met again at an Alumni reunion.

Funny enough…Both were still very much alike.

Happily married.

Both had two children.

Both had gone to work in the same industry.

For the same company even.

But….There still was a massive difference between the two. Maybe not immediately apparent to the observer…But still.

One man is now the head of a small department within the same company he was hired by 20 years ago. He’s making around $55k/year.

The other man is a self-made millionaire, running his own business which he plans on selling soon.

He’s got plans to travel through Europe.

He likes parties, drives old sports cars, and is in excellent shape and health.

What Made the Difference?

Have you ever asked yourself (this question truly fascinates me, btw)….What makes the difference in people’s lives?

If yes, then you’ve undoubtedly observed….

It’s not always native intelligence that makes the difference.

Nor is it “motivation” or “wanting it more” (self-help gurus won’t relent).

Not even a network of wealthy people that you’re part of, will make a guaranteed difference.

The real difference lays in what SKILLS people developed, honed, and used to their advantage.

And this is why I’m writing to you…..

If you’re truly serious about becoming a self-made millionaire, then you must vow to yourself here and now….


I can promise you here and now…That being able to persuade and sell effectively…. This is truly the most important skills you must master to become rich.

Think about it. Master persuasuion and…

You’ll immediately know which niche or industry to get into with any type of business and make money from damn near day one!

You’ll be able to communicate with people in a way, that they literally want to give you their money!


Because you have a solution to a big problem and know how to communicate this so that your business gets maximum attention and interest from hungry buyers!

You’ll experience first hand, what it means to enter a market, dominate it and make so much money that you don’t know what to do with!

You’ll get to feel the fulfillment and satisfaction of helping people better their lives with your products and services.

You’ll know exactly how to evaluate people and only hire the ones with a strong work ethic and solid coachability.

That way, you won’t shoot your business in the foot, through shitty hires but grow your revenue to the goddamn stratosphere because you’ve hired talent.

The only problem?

Forget about learning effective sales and persuasion from books on sales, seminars, courses, YouTube videos, and articles.

95% of them (if not more) are rehashed BS that doesn’t work in this day and age!

Modern consumers absolutely hate those pushy “closing tactics” and “alternative closes” and all the other shit designed to manipulate.


Effective sales and persuasion, works by ATTRACTING and NOT PURSUING people.

Learn this timeless art & skill…And you’ll have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that you’ll become a millionaire, while your college buddies are still stuck in jobs.

So I continue learning and sharing online knowing there is someone out there that needs this information right now to change their life. If you look around this site you will find great things you can use in your business. Enjoy these links I am sharing them with you! Here is a course for you to learn how to make money online…


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