December 18

Life after ClickFunnels


learning to live without ClickFunnels

I really like Clickfunnels. I could teach a course in it I have taken 3 OFA Challenges and learned how to build funnels well. I have completed many good funnels but now I cannot use them because I can’t afford clickfunnels. So now what can I do?


If you google it, you will find a number of different options. To my pleasant surprise I already have some of them like GetResponse. Neil Patel explains it well in this video… Stop Trying to Build Marketing Funnels


The first thing I did was to build a Landing page. Get response has great features that let you build your own funnel even a 2 pager will work.

I also looked in to my collection of purchased programs and found a few that will make landing pages.


Groove is a free way to get 3 funnels built. I am taking advantage of that one to. 


Not stopping there I built a funnel in Profit Funnels Pro but the submit button does not work? So the funnel is useless. I have contacted them and still waiting for an answer.


On YouTube I found some great answers One is from Funnel Krafter. He even gives you some templates  to use to make your funnel on WordPress. I am working on those now and soon you will see them on my website.


One of my favorite people Miles Beckler has a video showing you how to build a funnel with two programs that you can download for free. I am going to use that one too!


As you can see with a little research you can find some alternatives to Clickfunnels. Though Clickfunnels is a great program it is expensive. I am glad I found good alternatives that I can put in to play.


If you haven’t got your FREE copy already here is a link to my Book, the Magic of Affiliate Marketing, Toolkit for Success. You can see my first attempt at a landing page. This link will take to the book web site which leads to the landing page. Please share with me any other programs you have found by leaving a comment below.


Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!


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Once you get your Autoresponder set up be sure to send a Broadcast to everyone.


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