June 22

So Many Changes in Life Circumstances!


I didn’t know what to do when I had to put Clickfunnels to sleep. Who can afford $300 a month with $900 a month income? Can’t even afford the $100 minimum which is sad because I had finally got all my ducks in a row to market with click funnels and promote products for profit. Just was not ready for changes in life circumstances. The funds I thought were coming did not materialize. So many changes in Life circumstances!

Now, what can I do? I was promoting a free internet course that promoted an autoresponder, Click Funnels, and Bluehost as a domain provider. I have a dozen well-made funnels ready to launch! And I can’t use them! Going to have to make some money, so I can make some money. I still am a ClickFunnels Affiliate, take the challenge! If you sign up then I can too!


Internet Marketing

If you have looked at internet marketing at all you may have found these things to be essential to an internet business, they are. I have all of them. It would have provided me with a recurring income, and still may. This is what I learned in the courses. The PWA Program taught and showed me exactly what was needed to begin Email marketing which can and should be the root of your business. I am set up now with my autoresponders and 90 emails ready to go out to my 500 leads. You should take the courses too. You can learn all about funnels in the 30 Day Challenge. I have a thousand leads in my click funnels account too!

So What should I do now?

I will send out some emails and let you know how that goes. So far there has not been much response at all. I have a new offer now that I think might get some attention. It has everything you need in one place!

How cool is that, with a one-time price and not a monthly fee! It is called Qishio Suite and you can check it out right here. This is a game-changer!

STOP! Wasting 1000s Of Dollars

On OVER-PRICED Monthly Fees Softwares & Start Saving Using Our Cutting Edge Software To Skyrocket Your Profit!

Brand New 6-In-1 Revolutionary Newbie Friendly Business Suite With Training

Send Unlimited Emails To Your Subscribers Hassle-Free

Build Unlimited Messenger List & Multiple eCommerce Stores Inside Facebook Messenger With Payment System

Create Unlimited Drag & Drop Funnels, Websites, Landing Pages With TONS Of Ready-Made Templates

Store Your DATA Using Our Super Fast 100% Secure Cloud Storage

Create, Edit, Embed, Share & Download Right Within Our Image Editor


I have also come across this great deal and I can give you a free website! For REAL check this out:

With these simple tools, you can start your very own online business, no kidding!

Let’s do this and share how things are going at the Beginners Lounge, that is what it is there for.

Sharing our struggles and achievements!

I’ll see you there!


#affiliatemarketing, #lovinglife, #nevergiveup

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