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Affiliate Marketing Step by Step





Where do I start?

It is a good question and one every affiliate marketer asks. Most of the successful teachers will tell you to find a thriving market and solve a problem, provide a solution to a need. It is a simple formula and one that works.

You need to know what you are selling or giving away so you know what to name your domain and account email. This really helps to have everything in relationship to each other. I have decided on the Beginner’s Lounge which opens me to endless possibilities. My main goal is to help beginners get started correctly with affiliate marketing. It is the easiest way to success online and one so many people have found Great Success with already. I took 4 courses and learned this method from the pros. I wrote a book about it. 

I am giving away my book the Magic of Affiliate Marketing, Toolkit for Success. It is a package of books including the Secret Email System by Matt Bacak, 5 ways to Profit on Instagram and the Funnelology trilogy of books. We also have free courses along with the recommended courses so you will truly understand what you are doing. It is so important to apply what you learn. So many give up to soon. It is a marathon, you need to realize that, this will take time but it has been proven over and over that this process works.

With all this information you will be able to set up a working affiliate marketing business. Find offers that benefit your tribe and use your autoresponder to send them out and watch the Magic happen. I would post on all the social networks what you have to offer. And also Facebook, paid ads and solo ads will help when you can afford them. I show you other ways to set up funnels besides clickfunnels. You can set up your landing page with GetResponse or some other programs. I am offering a free business set up but you will need to purchase your domain name and get an autoresponder, You can start for free with GetResponse, or Groove, and I recommend or Dnsimple for a reasonably priced domain.

Here are links for other page builders, you may like all of them, it helps to have more than one:

Prezentar ~ About to be released, June 6 th, get in on the big launch! You can win $50,000 and 2 Mustangs!

ClickDesigns ~ Just released fabulous design studio worth a look.

Profitsuite ~ One time fee software that can replace clickfunnels with continuous monthly fee.

This is where I suggest you start. Get the books and get set up. If you have any problems or questions just let me know, I will be glad to help you. 

To our Success!


P.S. I have been meditating since 1968 but coming into contact with Mooji in 2010 opened up new levels of awareness for me! Check out my playlist favorite meditations.

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